Katrina Stonoff
Katrina Stonoff

A Note from Katrina

Hey, there! You a reader? Me too. Books were my best friends for most of my childhood, so naturally I grew up wanting to write novels. Nice to meet you!

I usually write upmarket women’s fiction (with a dark streak of humor because laughing keeps a girl from crying, yanno?). But right now I’m focused on a dystopian novel about a world where truth is a rare, marketable commodity. Next up is a memoir about my uneasy relationship with my larger-than-life father.

Let’s keep in touch, ‘kay? Follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind political posts and/or on Facebook for more personal interaction.

What I'm Writing

The pitch I plan to give an agent for my political dystopian novel, The Truthspeakers, about a rookie Truthspeaker in 2170 AD North American, trying to earn enough money to buy a home by purchasing and selling factual information.

What I'm Reading

Sonju by Wonder Chang. It’s a coming-of-age story set in post WWII Korea, and Sonju’s personal story parallels the story of Korea growing into itself as an independent modern nation.

What I'm Doing

Grieving the loss of my mother, who died of Covid ten days ago, and keeping my sister company while her household (all of whom were fully vaccinated) recover from Covid.

Latest Blog

Covid, Mom, and Two Pricks at an Elevator

September 12, 2021

Yesterday I walked up to an elevator and joined two young men—very buff, early 30s, old enough to know they aren’t invincible—who were waiting. Though the building we were in requires masks in all public spaces, neither were masked. “Just to let you know,” the blond said with a so-there! attitude. “We aren’t going to wear masks in the elevator.” Here’s the thing: my fully vaccinated mother died last week from Covid. My funny, big-hearted, scrabble-champ, accordion-playing, life-loving, beloved Mom. I am still very much raw and grieving. So what I saw in these two belligerent anti-maskers were the faces of…

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