Katrina Stonoff
Katrina Stonoff

A Note from Katrina

Hey, there! You a reader? Me too. Books were my best friends for most of my childhood, so naturally I grew up wanting to write novels. Nice to meet you!

I usually write upmarket women’s fiction (with a dark streak of humor because laughing keeps a girl from crying, yanno?). But right now I’m focused on a memoir about my uneasy relationship with my larger-than-life father, and how I had to learn how to love myself when neither of my parents was able to show me love and approval.

Let’s keep in touch, ‘kay? Follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind political posts and/or on Facebook for more personal interaction.

What I'm Writing

Doing the story revision of my memoir, One Thousand Cuts, about growing up without love and approval, and learning how to love myself.

What I'm Reading

The Burning Light of Two Stars by Laura Davis. Tough book to be reading on Mother’s Day! 


What I'm Doing

Physical therapy, trying to regain strength and range of mobility in my shoulder and feet after falling eight weeks ago.

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Grieving on Mother's Day

May 8, 2022

Today is my first Mother’s Day without a mother. Mom died in September of Covid.  I actually thought it might be easier in a way after she was gone because she would be unable to inflict any new hurts. For my entire adult life, she’s made a point of telling me every few years that she likes me and enjoys being around me because I make her laugh, but she doesn’t approve of me. The last time she did it, I had to bite off the inclination to reply, “Don’t worry, Mom. I never forget…not even for one tiny moment…that you don’t approve of…

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