Katrina Stonoff
Katrina Stonoff

A Note from Katrina

Hey, there! You a reader? Me too. Books were my best friends for most of my childhood, so naturally I grew up wanting to write novels. Nice to meet you!

I usually write upmarket women’s fiction (with a dark streak of humor because laughing keeps a girl from crying, yanno?). But right now I’m focused on a dystopian novel about a world where truth is a rare, marketable commodity. Next up is a memoir about my uneasy relationship with my larger-than-life father.

Let’s keep in touch, ‘kay? Follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind political posts and/or on Facebook for more personal interaction.

What I'm Writing

I’m revising my political dystopian novel, The Truthspeakers, about a future world in which truth is a rare, marketable commodity.

What I'm Reading

The Sun Is a Compass by Caroline Van Hemert

What I'm Doing

I recently met a long lost cousin, so I’m sorting and scanning old family photos to send to her.

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Dad's Truck & Camper

June 4, 2021

I found a couple of pictures of Dad’s truck and camper. These photos aren’t as fun as the color pics I found yesterday, but they show the scope (i.e. small and crowded) of the camper. (more…)

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