Katrina Stonoff
Katrina Stonoff

A Note from Katrina

Hey, there! You a reader? Me too. Books were my best friends for most of my childhood, so naturally I grew up wanting to write novels. Nice to meet you!

I usually write upmarket women’s fiction (with a dark streak of humor because laughing keeps a girl from crying, yanno?). But during Covid, I wrote a memoir about my uneasy relationship with my larger-than-life father and a futuristic novel about what could happen if our polarized society remains splintered. Now I’m updating a novel I wrote a few years back because it’s more apropos than ever. 

Let’s keep in touch, ‘kay? Follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind political posts and/or on Facebook for more personal interaction.

What I'm Writing

I’m polishing a couple of personal essays. One is about how and when grief hits us. The other is a braided essay about the two weeks my family of origin was trapped at the foot of Denali by a storm. Once they are finished, I’ll be looking for a publication where they might fit.

What I'm Reading

We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker. Whitaker is a new author to me, and I’m blown away. Top-notch story-telling about characters I expect to haunt me for a long time.



What I'm Doing

Learning to play the upright double bass I got for Christmas. I am having a blast jamming with some great musicians here in Fairbanks two or three times a week. 

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Creating a Ritual

February 9, 2024

Today one of my writer friends introduced me to Being Lazy and Slowing Down, a great blog/website about choosing mindfully how to spend your time rather than getting sucked onto the hamster wheel (my summary, not theirs: their description is much more poetic). I was particularly drawn to the post “Why today (more than ever) you need writing rituals? 5 reasons.”  Before we moved to Canada and my life imploded, I had a rock-solid writing ritual, and I believe that’s one of the reasons I was so productive. I would first check my email (back then I could clear my…

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