Katrina Stonoff
Katrina Stonoff

A Note from Katrina

Hey, there! You a reader? Me too. Books were my best friends for most of my childhood, so naturally I grew up wanting to write novels. Nice to meet you!

I usually write upmarket women’s fiction (with a dark streak of humor because laughing keeps a girl from crying, yanno?). But right now I’m focused on a dystopian novel about a world where truth is a rare, marketable commodity. Next up is a memoir about my uneasy relationship with my larger-than-life father.

Let’s keep in touch, ‘kay? Follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind political posts and/or on Facebook for more personal interaction.

What I'm Writing

Revising the Inside Outline for my dystopian novel, The Truthspeakers. 

What I'm Reading

Bewilderment by Richard Powers. Hauntingly beautiful. This is the most powerful, moving book I’ve read in years, maybe ever. I’ll be pushing this one on everyone I know who reads.


What I'm Doing

Relaxing at home after a very stressful couple of months and watching the lake behind our house freeze over.

Latest Blog

Book Review: Bewilderment by Richard Powers

October 31, 2021

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn’t a book review. This is a book recommendation. Maybe even a gush. Hauntingly beautiful, Bewilderment by Richard Powers might be the best book I have ever read. I don’t think I have ever said that before. Maybe about Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking. Maybe.  There is so much here to love: exquisite descriptions of the natural world, science that bends the limits of our current knowledge, social issues to think about for days. But the real power in this novel is the characters. I fell in love with them. Devoted father Theo. His uniquely beautiful son Robin.…

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