Katrina Stonoff


Covid, Mom, and Two Pricks at an Elevator

Yesterday I walked up to an elevator and joined two young men—very buff, early 30s, old enough to know they…

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Schrödinger's Rapist

No, I’m not talking a person who might have raped Mr. Schrödinger. Bear with me a bit. I started playing…

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Dad's Truck & Camper

I found a couple of pictures of Dad’s truck and camper. These photos aren’t as fun as the color pics…

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Camping on Memory Lane

This week, I dug out some old family photos to share with a newly discovered cousin and ran across a…

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Watching Ice Melt

One of my favorite things about Alaska (and the competition is tight!) is the Nenana Ice Classic. It might sound…

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Dear Jonatha Brooke: a Love Letter

The Year of Covid hasn’t been a disaster for me. I do realize this is my privilege speaking. We weren’t…

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