Katrina Stonoff


Music and Dreams

I woke this morning from a super powerful dream. Like most of my dreams, it was a narrative––the boys in…

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Walking Wounded

I did not plan to start last week with this perspective. I was chatting with a writer friend on zoom,…

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Monday Book Giveaway (2/7/2022)

Yet another of the books I accidentally bought twice. This week, I’m giving away The Light We Lost by Jill…

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Gnashing My Teeth, In Church

I lost my temper in Sunday School today. Because I was muted, nobody heard my tirade except my husband. Thankfully.…

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Why Didn't She Respond to My Comment?

I need subtitles for my posts. This one would be subtitled: In Which I Admit That I am a Clueless…

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The Wealth of a 10-year-old

Ever try drinking from a firehouse?That’s how Allison K. Williams describes the workshop does with Dinty Moore. She is SO not kidding. You…

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