Katrina Stonoff


"She Shouldn't Have Been So ________!"

Does anybody remember this entry: The Boy in the Back of the Van? I recently unpacked a box of photographs…

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My Path to a Diagnosis

Two days ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. I am sixty. A friend of mine retweeted this meme November 18…

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How to Sneeze, a Primer

File this under: don’t try this at home. Mars and I have been having a discussion about sneezing. Specifically about…

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Retreating at Home

Yesterday I had one of the sweetest experiences a fiction writer can have. I’ve been working on my nanonovel: The…

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Dear 2020: Thanks. Now Piss Off!

I used to write a journal entry or blog post every year around New Years, to evaluate the year and…

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Dreaming of Dad

I woke this morning from a very disturbing dream. My husband said I looked haunted when I came downstairs for…

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