Katrina Stonoff


Gnashing My Teeth, In Church

I lost my temper in Sunday School today. Because I was muted, nobody heard my tirade except my husband. Thankfully.…

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Why Didn't She Respond to My Comment?

I need subtitles for my posts. This one would be subtitled: In Which I Admit That I am a Clueless…

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The Wealth of a 10-year-old

Ever try drinking from a firehouse?That’s how Allison K. Williams describes the workshop does with Dinty Moore. She is SO not kidding. You…

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3 Things to Avoid When You Have Covid

Consider this your quasi-daily PSA. Trust me, your life will be easier if you follow these three simple steps. Tip…

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Covid in the House, Day 7

I spoke too soon. After six days of testing negative for Covid, after five days of feeling sick but progressively improving,…

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Covid in the House, Day 6

Quick update: today marks the sixth day in a row that I’ve tested negative for Covid, not counting the PCR…

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