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Monday Book Giveaway (2/7/2022)

Yet another of the books I accidentally bought twice. This week, I’m giving away The Light We Lost by Jill…

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Why Didn't She Respond to My Comment?

I need subtitles for my posts. This one would be subtitled: In Which I Admit That I am a Clueless…

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Book Review: Bewilderment by Richard Powers

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn’t a book review. This is a book recommendation. Maybe even a gush. Hauntingly beautiful, Bewilderment by Richard…

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Monday Book Giveaway (Oct. 5, 2020)

First things first: our winner from last week is Bookshelf Battle. Congratulations! Please send your snail mail address to katrina (at)…

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Monday Book Giveaway (Sept. 28, 2020)

Old dog … new tricks. Yeah, I’m a day late. Sorry about that. First, last week’s winner: congratulations, Melessa! You’ve…

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Monday Book Giveaway Sept. 21, 2020

Oh, shoot! I totally forgot to do this last week. I guess I’m out of the habit. Sorry about that!…

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