Katrina Stonoff

Corona Virus


3 Things to Avoid When You Have Covid

Consider this your quasi-daily PSA. Trust me, your life will be easier if you follow these three simple steps. Tip…

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Covid in the House, Day 7

I spoke too soon. After six days of testing negative for Covid, after five days of feeling sick but progressively improving,…

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Covid in the House, Day 6

Quick update: today marks the sixth day in a row that I’ve tested negative for Covid, not counting the PCR…

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"Am I Gonna Die?"

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday. I was kinda left hanging too.  Too nauseated to eat, I had peppermint tea…

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Covid in the House

I’ve been writing a blog post about Covid in my head for about a week. I wanted to tell you…

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Covid, Mom, and Two Pricks at an Elevator

Yesterday I walked up to an elevator and joined two young men—very buff, early 30s, old enough to know they…

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