Katrina Stonoff

Corona Virus


Covid Update

Well, I was right. I do not have COVID-19. Thank God. But WHAT A NIGHTMARE it was, trying to get…

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My Experience with Covid

Don’t worry. I don’t have it. At least, I’m pretty sure I don’t. But my experience with it has definitely…

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Return to Normal?

There’s a lot of talk about when we can return to normal. I do not want to go back to…

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Our Quarantine House Rules

As I mentioned, I am currently quarantined in the guest room. I failed to mention, however, that I feel fine.…

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Sleep and Dreaming in Solitary

I’m not sleeping well these days, and from what my Facebook friends post, I’m not the only one. I did…

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Well, I didn’t get to make the rib-eye steak. Last week, I developed a sore throat and cough, so I am…

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