Katrina Stonoff

Doing My Civic Duty

I am volunteering for a local campaign, so I spent three hours today calling registered voters. Here are my favorite calls today:

  • A 94-year-old man who was too busy to chat on the phone (Note to self: Bucket List item).
  • A woman who moved away from Alaska … wait for it! … EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO.
  • A man who got annoyed and said very proudly, “I’ve NEVER voted, I’m not voting this time, and I will NEVER vote.”

OK, that last call wasn’t mine. Somebody else got the privilege of talking to him. But it was just so shocking that I couldn’t resist including it.

If I had been the person calling him, I would’ve said, “Ummm … pardon me, sir, no judgment here, just curiosity … but why are you registered to vote?”

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