Katrina Stonoff

Living in the Far North

Things I’ve learned about living at the 65th parallel (I’ll probably be adding to this list).

  1. You can always steer even when you cannot stop.
  2. Stop far back from the crosswalk line at an intersection in case cross traffic loses control and spins out.84475199_10157310242064833_290915954777391104_n
  3. Do not enter the intersection when the light turns green unless you are absolutely certain it is clear and going to remain clear of cross traffic.
  4. Driving on square tires can be a very bumpy ride.
  5. The sun rises in the south and sets in the south.
  6. The sun is very shy in winter (though I hear it’s rather brazen in the summer).
  7. Dry snow makes crappy snowballs.
  8. Walk like a penguin. Seriously.
  9. None of your winter clothes purchased Outside or at a box store will work when you attend a dogsled race at thirty below.
  10. Anything other than Alaska is “Outside”.
  11. Beware the Ice Fog. It can reduce visibility to zero without warning when the car in front of you takes off from a stop light.
  12. Ice Fog coats the city in a delightful layer of hoarfrost.87642321_10157385794409833_3678376546831171584_n
  13. If you forget to close your garage door in the dead of winter, your pipes could freeze by noon.
  14. If you forget to close your garage door in the dead of winter, one of your neighbors will likely notice, and message you or knock on your door within 30 minutes (thanks, guys!).
  15. You cannot see the Northern Lights when it’s overcast. Duh, right?! Never occurred to me.
  16. Ice sculptures are totally art!
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