Katrina Stonoff

Monday Book Giveaway Aug. 24, 2020

Hey, remember these?! I used to do book giveaways every Monday!

I bought seven bookcases at an estate sale Friday, so I am unpacking my books. Finally!! Long story, but we had to leave our bookcases when we moved to Alaska — ten feet of solid wood bookcases that were seven feet tall.

I’ve only unpacked about six boxes so far, but I’ve already found double copies of five different books. Oops.

My mistake, your gain. If you’re interested in any of these books, just comment below with the title you want. All are books I wanted badly enough to purchase twice, and they’re brand new, so they’re worth having.

Of course, you know me: I pretty much think ALL books are worth having! I also bought four books at the sale (including A Handbook of Alaska from 1902) and a Life magazine from 1944.

The books you can choose from are: