Katrina Stonoff

Return to Normal?

There’s a lot of talk about when we can return to normal.

I do not want to go back to “normal”. Nobody was happy. We were all spread too thin, trying to do too much, moving too fast, and much too worried about money. We were destroying the planet (which has begun to heal during this slow-down). Far too many people lived too close to the edge, and inequality in income and net worth and security was appalling (still is).

I want to take the lessons from this pandemic and enforced slow-down and create a new, kinder, more fair America where everybody has healthcare. Where families can survive and even thrive on one paycheck. Where we come home at night and eat dinner together. Where we have down time again, time to read and walk in the park and make music and think. But with a bit less fear and uncertainty.

I know I’m an idealist, but I think we can build that. Or at least move in that direction.

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