Katrina Stonoff

Domestic Abuse

“But … Is It Abuse?”
Read this article first. It describes the Cycle of Abuse and how women get trapped. 

Myths About Abuse
Here is my list of myths regarding domestic abuse.

My Articles About Abuse
Archived blog entries I have written about abuse.

My Story of Abuse
Archived blog entries about my own personal experience with abuse.

25 Traits of An Abuser
Great article describing the kind of man who might be a batterer. Hint: he’s probably charming and romantic.

Interactive Questionnaire
After reading my overview, go through this questionnaire.

List of Abusive Behaviors
If your partner is displaying some of these behaviors regularly, you are probably an abuse victims.

List of Behaviors Seen in Emotional/Psychological Abuse
This is a longer list, focused on non-violent (but still abusive) assault.

Another List of Emotional Abuse Behaviors
Another choice for studying non-violent, emotional abuse.

Domestic Violence Risk Assessment
Tool used by Oklahoma City’s Domestic Violence Unit to gauge how likely an assault victim is to be murdered by their partner.

Tips for Planning an Escape
If you want to escape, go smart. You will be safer if you plan ahead, and your run will be easier and less stressful. Contact your local women’s shelter to help you plan. And expect to spend a year or more in therapy with someone who understands abuse. Good luck!

Statistics About Abuse
Some of these are shocking!

Husbands Behaving Badly
This Hall of Shame is under construction but will eventually feature startling and sometimes hilarious stories of the ways abusive men try to control their women.