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Why Didn't She Respond to My Comment?

I need subtitles for my posts. This one would be subtitled: In Which I Admit That I am a Clueless Dork.

IMG 9798 2I’ve been wondering why nobody comments on my blog any more, not since I switched hosts over the summer. I blamed the switch: you no longer get automatic emails when I post, for instance.

Turns out some of you WERE commenting. I just didn’t see your comments. In some cases, I did see them and responded to them, but my response didn’t post either. Apparently my new host holds comments for moderation if the commenter is new, but they don’t email me a notification.

Sigh. I’m so sorry. 

If you asked for one of the book giveaways, please let me know. I still have your book and will happily send it to you if you haven’t already bought it.

My shelf of books I accidentally bought twice is groaning from the weight (kinda like myself, not that I’ll admit it). So I’m thinking I should restart the Monday Book Giveaways. 

But with a note to self: check the Dashboard for comments that need approving because you won’t get an email.

Thanks for reading!!


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